What Vaping E-Cigarette Does to Your Body?

Ecig is something that is getting quite popular. The problem is that there are many people that don’t really know what the side effects are of vaping. Yes, vaping isn’t as dangerous as smoking and doesn’t have as much side effects as smoking, but this doesn’t mean that there aren’t any side effects at all. It is important to make sure that you are going to know what vaping are doing to your body before you decide that this something that you want to try.

Hart problems can occur

One of the most dangerous effects that vape has on your body, is heart problems. With vaping, you don’t get the tobacco into your body, but you are still getting in the nicotine. And, in most cases, it is the nicotine that is damaging the heart.

This means that it basically causes the same heart problems that you can get with normal smoking. The only difference is that with normal smoking, you are damaging your lungs as well. And, the damage to the lungs is a lot more serious than with the heart. But, if you have heart-related problems, you might get serious health problems as well.

It can irritate your eyes and your raspatory tract

Because you aren’t just smoking the Ecig, as what you would with a normal cigarette, it can irritate your eyes and your raspatory tract. This means that you can have irritating eyes every time that you are vaping. The vape is a lot stronger than just the cigarette smoke, and this is why this can influence your eyes.

People that are allergic to smells and that have a sensitive raspatory tract will be affected even more than the other people. This is one of the reasons why people stop vaping.

Vaping can lead to addiction

Yes, vaping can still lead to addiction. People think that because they don’t smoke tobacco, they won’t get addicted to the nicotine that they are vaping. However, this isn’t the truth.

This isn’t just the tobacco that is leading to addiction. This is the nicotine as well. And, if you vape high levels of nicotine, then the results will be the same as smoking. You will become addicted.

The liquid can poison you or a child when drinking

This might not happen a lot, but when a child is drinking the liquid of the ecig, it can poison the child. And, make him really sick. It does happen that parents don’t see the necessity of storing it away. And, this can be really dangerousfor a young child.

Vaping might be less dangerous than smoking normal cigarettes. However, there are still some side effects that you might have for vaping. It is important to make sure that you are going to know all the side effects that smoking is giving you before you might want to start vaping. People think that the side effects are dangerous and they can start to vape without any worries.

A look at the Best Vapes for Females

Have you ever heard of vape or come to think about vapes if you are an enthusiastic seeker?  Vapes are simply electronic cigarette also called e-cigarette which is handheld electronic devices that stimulate the tobacco smoking.

How vapes work?

Vapes works by heating a liquid in order to generate an aerosol, and this aerosol is simply known as called vapor where by the user inhales. The use of vape is normally called as the act of vaping. This liquid which is contained in the e-cigarette known as e-liquid is normally made of propylene, glycol, glycerin, nicotine and flavorings. It is also good to know that not all e-liquids contain nicotine. In terms of health risks of these types of e-cigarettes are usually uncertain. The e-cigarettes are said to be safer that other tobacco products but they are of unclear side effects in relation to each other. There are some of the best vapes that females can use and may not have high risk of some side effects to them. These vapes are described below.

  1. Artery Lady Q Vape.

This is a type of an inconspicuous device and is specically made for ladies’ consumption. This type of vape has a very classic lipstick style well designed which disguises a tank inside it. When one is ready to vape, just flip over ones’ cap, you fill it up, and finally you fire away. This vape is equipped with an internal of 1000mAh which can hold up to 1.5mlof the e-liquid.

  1. Aspire Breeze Kit vape.

This is a kind of vape that is small and portable and it is a mouth to lung device. This is a very different type of vape as compared to other vape that have recently been known. This kind of vape is re-filling that is normally meant to be re filled instead of coughing one third of the total cost of the particular device for a pod device pack, you just fill it up with the e-liquid that is favorite for you.

  1. Sour in Drop Starter Kit vape.

This is an ultra-starter compact kit that is specifically designed for vapors on the go or when one wants an easy device to use. This is an ultra-compact starter kit containing a new modern design that is water Drop shape. This is well when one is holding it in the hand one feels greatly comfortable. It has an on and off switch, indicator light and also an intelligent temperature control which contain no smoke or tar. See more.

  1. Eleaf icare 2 Kit vape.

This is a vaping device that is usedfor vaping newbies. This device contains an inbuilt battery and contain an ease to clean 2ml tank and has a two filling solution.

  1. Sourin Air Vape.

This is an incredibly compact which is all in one starter kit. This device is thin as compared to a regular pencil. This device has a battery of 400mAh which is rechargeable. The battery also can be switched on and off.